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Slab jack

Slab jack

Often imitated but never equaled!
Slab jack

Slab jack

Slab jack

Soil stabilization

AP Soil 600 is one of the most impenetrable permeable grout products on the market.

It is a monocomponent grout based on water-soluble, hydrophobic and low-viscosity polyurethane. This permeation grout is ideal for stabilizing loose sand and soil around all types of concrete structures, as well as for the remediation of sinkholes.


1. Encapsulates and strengthens loose soil.
2. Very low viscosity for good soil penetration.
3. Waterproof.
4. Adjustable adjustment time
5. Pumped as a single component.
6. Phthalate free (more ecological).
7. Certified NSF 61-5 (approved for contact with drinking water).


1. Permeation grout to make the soil impermeable.
2. Stabilization of sand and soil for areas at risk of erosion.
3. Stabilization around gutters and manomes.
4. Improved bearing capacity of the soil.

Required equipment

Stabilize the soil with polyurethane

Unstable or eroded soil around the infrastructure can cause settlement and structural damage. The voids can be filled, the embankments backfilled, the soil consolidated and the migration of the water stopped by infiltrating the soil with one of the products of the AP Soil series of ultra-low viscosity polyurethane resins. Once the bearing capacity of the soil has been increased with this process, the structure can be raised if necessary.


Slab jack (Levage de béton)

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