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Slab jack

Slab jack

Often imitated but never equaled!
Slab jack

Slab jack

Slab jack

Residential service

How do I know if this solution is good for me?

Here are the questions you need to ask yourself. If you answer yes to one of the questions, this solution is good for you.

1. Is my concrete slab more than 3 feet wide?
2. Is my concrete slab less than 20 years old (is it in good condition)?
3. Has my concrete slab cost more than $ 3,000 to do?
4. Is it sagging under 20 inches?
5. 5. Should work be done quickly?

To have a quote for the work you must have on hand the following data and we transmit them in your request of submission:

1. Size of the slab. Example: width x length x thickness
2. Sag or voids under the slab in inches.
3. Your slab is inside or outside.
4. Photo if possible.


Slab jack (Levage de béton)

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