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Slab jack

Slab jack

Often imitated but never equaled!
Slab jack

Slab jack

  • Slab JackBy injection of high density polyurethane
  • Fast and sustainable resultWe plug the injection holes with a quick-set repair concrete
  • Advantageous cost for Slab JackOften 60% cheaper than the cost of rebuilding
  • Filling the voids under the slabsThe voids under the slabs can be filled easily
  • Slab raisingTo restore the original height to your slabs
  • Soil stabilizationWith a one-component water-based polyurethane grout

Lifting and stabilizing concrete - Slab Jack

Slab jack and concrete slabs, vacuum filling under concrete and soil stabilization. We use a patented and effective technique that has been proven for several decades. Fast and efficient, it's a sustainable solution for a lot cheaper than rebuilding.

Slab jack

The product used to make slab lifting is a high density polyurethane.

Our product is hydrophobic. It reacts even in the presence of water, which is often the case below concrete slabs. It is also very light compared to concrete. It weighs 4 lbs / per cubic foot compared to concrete that weighs 100 lbs / cubic foot.

The product consists of 40% recycled material. & Nbsp; This product is safe for the environment and non-invasive.

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Soil stabilization

AP Soil 600 is one of the most impenetrable permeable grout products on the market.

It is a monocomponent grout based on water-soluble, hydrophobic and low-viscosity polyurethane. This permeation grout is ideal for stabilizing loose sand and soil around all types of concrete structures, as well as for the remediation of sinkholes.

The product used is durable and effective, it is also the product of choice in Canada.

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Territory served

Located on the South Shore of Montreal, Lifting Concrete moves in all regions of Quebec such as; Montreal, South Shore of Montreal, Montérégie, Estrie, Laurentide, Central Quebec, Beauce, Outaouais, Gatineau, Ottawa, Hull and all other regions.

For commercial and municipal work, we cover the entire province of Quebec and New Brunswick.

For residential work, we cover the entire province of Quebec



Slab jack (Levage de béton)

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